Current or Recent Web Projects

Click to Enlarge Title: Starcounter
Date: August 2010 - Currently
Link: Starcounter (in English)
Information: My main responsibility is the development of the Starcounter's website (main site, blog, wiki, forum) and other internal systems, but also server administration and an all around role of the web activities of Starcounter. The first editions of the website were created with custom code from scratch and currently it is built at EPiServer.

Click to Enlarge Title: Blueberries
Date: May 2010 - Currently
Link: Blueberries (in English, Greek, Swedish)
Information: My love about horticulture and plants gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things about blueberry plants. For this reason I decided to create a website dedicated to blueberries and inform greek community about this plant which is almost unknown in Greece. The web design was made by me based on a photo which gave me the inspiration to create this design. Skills incorporated: website design and development, SEO both on-site and off-site, social networks, video editing.

tkocClick to Enlarge Title: The Kingdoms of Chaos
Date: October 2009 - November 2011
Link: Visit The Kingdoms of Chaos Live Site (in English)
Information: The Kingdoms of Chaos was created at 2003 by another team who later suspended the project. Me with a cooperation of a friend decided to restart it at October of 2009. Our first priority was to fix some important bugs, strengthen the security and improve the gameplay and game balance. The game was hosted at my own servers. After this we had to start marketing it with limited resources and integrated it at Facebook as an application. Until now it has reached 600 registered users and keep growing. The game was also code optimized, improved the interface and usability a bit but it is still based at the old code which has many limitations. Our aim is to totally redesign the interface and the code architecture in order to make use of the current technologies like AJAX, resulting to an improved user experience and offering many new features.

Web Projects created with qSoft

antigrafoClick to Enlarge Title: Antigrafo Copy Center
Date: July 2009
Link: Visit Antigrafo Live Site (in Greek and English)
Information: This website was created for a bookstore client with the cooperation of Operplan which took care the graphics design and delivered me a Photoshop image file. My responsibility was to use this image and transform it to a dynamic web page.

Click to Enlarge Title: Hotel Megara
Date: May 2009
Link: Visit Hotel Megara Live Site (in Greek and English)
Information: A hotel owner approached me in order to create for him a web site. He had just stopped the cooperation with tourist agencies and was trying to establish himself at the business on his own. In such context the web page would had a great impact in his business success but he was also looking for something simple. Taking all these factors into consideration we decided to create a website to present his hotel and focus on internet marketing by advertising the website at Tourist specialised sites and through Google Adwords. Nowadays, after 2 years online, the website plays a key factor giving him a full season this year.

Click to Enlarge Title: Graduates Union
Date: April 2009
Link: Visit Apofoitoi-DPFP Live Site (in Greek)
Information: A graduates union wanted a website to coordinate and bring all it's members throughout the nation closer. So a community forum was the solution that was promoted. The website is based at the open source Simple Machines Forum system with the addition of several plugins and modifications to extend the functionality.

vegoritisClick to Enlarge Title: Vegoritis Winery
Date: January - March 2009
Link: Visit Vegoritis Live Site (in Greek and English)
Information: This website was cofunded by 60% of European and Greek sources and 40% by private investment. For this reason the rules and time limits were very strict in order to claim the funds. One of the rules was that the main application had to be custom based and not by using a ready made solution. So the website was designed and developed from zero point. The total project took around 3 months to complete in highly intensive work schedule, from preparing the proposal for the state institutions to grant their permission until finally marketing it at the web and at local newspapers and getting evaluated at the final step from the state again to check if everything was developed as proposed. Security and usability were the main goals of the system so that sales would be secure and increased.

In addition to the above while having the company I also designed two business cards (information are in Greek):

Business Card 1Click to Enlarge Business Card 2Click to Enlarge

Other Web Projects

Title: Eternal Battle & Eternal Battle II
Date: October 2006 - March 2010
Link: Visit Eternal Battle Development Site (in English)
Information: The game was developed in parts while I was studying at university and it was created in collaboration with another student. At October and November of 2006 most game scenarios and characteristics were written followed by an intensive period of developing for a period of 2 months until January 2007 that the first version was ready. The first version of the game was a project at the course of Software Engineering and it was graded with 10/10. The project was paused until January 2008 that it became part of my thesis in order to develop the second version, totally redesigned and restructured using AJAX technologies, implementing a Pseudo 3D Interactive Graphic Engine extension and developing a context-aware middleware extension that would consult the user. In the meantime at April - June 2008 the interface was also changed totally as it became a project at the course of Human Computer Interaction which was also graded 10/10. My part of the thesis was presented at June 2009 and my teammates part at March 2010. Both thesis were graded 10/10. This game project was mostly used as a research tool and to gain knowledge and experience, it never reached a final stable version.

Title: Curve Web Design
Date: October 2008
Link: Visit Live Demo (in English)
Information: This is a design that I made as an experiment. I was looking for something different and for this reason I focused on curves. Later on, the design was used at a course of Web Technologies as we had to implement a web page about an International Organisation. That's the reason the Live Demo page contains information about Amnesty International.

Title: RSS News Aggregator
Date: November 2008
Link: Visit RSS News Aggregator Live Site (in Greek)
Information: An RSS Aggregator that gets all the posts from selected blogs. It is based on Simplepie and is using a cronjob to update every hour.

Title: Ekfysews
Date: June - July 2007
Link: Visit Ekfysews Live Site (in Greek and English)
Information: This was a freelance job made at Summer.

Title: FAK
Date: January 2007
Link: Visit FAK Live Site (in Greek)
Information: A community site about a student group at the department of Computer Science of the University of Ioannina. It is based on Simple Machines Forum system.

Title: AllFreeTutorials
Date: 2005-2006
Link: Visit AllFreeTutorials Not So Live Site (in English)
Information: Initially created using Joomla and Simple Machines Forum and having some success was aiming to be a community for programmers that would help each other. A server crash and no backup resulted to a total loss of data. The page was restarted but without any motivation from my side and now stays there inactive.

Title: Greektechforum
Date: 2004-2006
Link: Visit Greektechforum Live Site (in Greek)
Information: GreekTechForum is a technology vortal based on vBulletin. While at it's first steps the administrator was looking for a programmer and I started participating on every day tasks. Soon, I also became an administrator while having into my duties the whole programming part. Both of us we are inactive nowadays but the forum community is still active and growing having reached around 13,500 members.