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Errors occurred during the build – java.lang.NullPointerException

I was trying to make a project clean today and started receiving this error. The “solution” to this as it doesn’t really give you any insight is to disable the Javascript Validator from Project -> Properties -> Builder. In my case … Continue reading

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Remove blocked IPs caused by mod_security at Linux servers

It is quite common a client or even myself not being able to access my website. This is caused because mistakenly the mod_security (a module installed at linux servers to secure your website against malicious users) has placed the IP … Continue reading

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ecoBlueberries presented at the greek magazine Real Taste and Style

A lot of activity has happened recently at ecoBlueberries. The wiki has almost been completed with information regarding the blueberries cultivation while the forum got some activity as well. The search engine optimization campaign both on-site and off-site has come … Continue reading

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Prestashop: All modules cannot be loaded due to memory limit restriction reason

Prestashop version: Problem: All modules cannot be loaded due to memory limit restriction reason, please increase your memory_limit value on your server configuration Solution: At /config/ add: ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’128M’);

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How creativity works

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PHP Bug with DateTime diff

After PHP 5.3.0 DateTime::diff was introduced to help with the comparison between two DateTime objects. However it still seems to be a bit buggy. While I was developing a statistics tool and trying to group occurrences by month, I got … Continue reading

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Dropbox lied about encryption, it is not really safe

Christopher Soghoian recently uncovered the lie behind Dropbox. Dropbox was claiming that the files are encrypted (those that are not publicly available) and noone could have access to the files. However certain employees of dropbox could have access to your … Continue reading

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TKOC is now open source / free software

The Kingdoms of Chaos is now open source / free software. Everyone can modify it and contribute to improve the game. The Kingdoms of Chaos is an online strategy game. You compete with several other players from all over the … Continue reading

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Add right side widget to beauty dots theme for wordpress

The theme beauty dots comes with only one widget support at the footer section of the page. In order to solve this and provide support for the right side area as well, we need to investigate of where the problem … Continue reading

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Compare Scrum and Kanban

Here is a very good reading and presentation of those two agile methods: “There’s a lot of buzz on Kanban right now in the agile software development community. Since Scrum has become quite mainstream now, a common question is “so … Continue reading

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