ecoBlueberries presented at the greek magazine Real Taste and Style

A lot of activity has happened recently at ecoBlueberries. The wiki has almost been completed with information regarding the blueberries cultivation while the forum got some activity as well. The search engine optimization campaign both on-site and off-site has come to an end giving me a percentage of 82% of all visitors coming from organic searches while has over tripled the traffic during the last 4 months.

Recently I was interviewed by the magazine Real Taste and Style, a magazine specialized at issues around food and presents people that keep the food traditions of Greece or have innovative ideas.

Here you can see the interview as it was presented by the magazine which was distributed along with the newspaper Real News (the interview is in greek):

Presentation of ecoBlueberries on 10th of June at the monthly magazine Real Taste & Style which comes with the Sunday newspaper Real News.

Link with higher resolution:

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  1. I am waiting for New News but did not find let me tell when will you update this page? anyhow above information is great to share it with me

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