MySQL – 1305 or 1630 Error – Function does not exist

Problem: Receive either “1630: FUNCTION MAX does not exist. Check the ‘Function Name Parsing and Resolution’ section in the Reference Manual” or “1305: FUNCTION MAX does not exist”.
Solution: Remove all spaces between the function and the parenthesis or set sql_mode=’IGNORE_SPACE’;

This is causing the error:

SELECT MAX (id) as something FROM Example

This will work correctly:

SELECT MAX(id) as something FROM Example
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17 Responses to MySQL – 1305 or 1630 Error – Function does not exist

  1. Frank says:

    Thank you for this article. I found help on this after a google search. Thanks.

  2. pablo says:

    It didn’t work for me, there are no spaces between my function and the parenthesis. What else could be causing the error message?

    Here’s my Script:
    SELECT as id, e.full_name as name,
    ufn_property(, 85) as rol,

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    it works tnks

  5. alex says:

    No dejes espacio entre MAX y (id), se soluciona asi MAX(id)

  6. eko says:


  7. Daniela says:

    Here works \o/

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  14. Fairooz says:

    Hi, found this link on google. this works. thanks!

  15. Deepa says:

    Thanks, This solution works totally:)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks it help me

  17. Hexabit says:

    Are you sure that it’s working? For me is the same with and without spaces (not working)

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