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MySQL – 1305 or 1630 Error – Function does not exist

Problem: Receive either “1630: FUNCTION MAX does not exist. Check the ‘Function Name Parsing and Resolution’ section in the Reference Manual” or “1305: FUNCTION MAX does not exist”. Solution: Remove all spaces between the function and the parenthesis or set … Continue reading

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PHP script to convert mysql collation

Whenever you have accidentally chose a wrong collation or changed your mind afterward you may use the following script to change the collation (the character set that data are stored) automatically. This is especially useful when for example you want … Continue reading

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MySQL query is not executed, MySQL server has gone away

Problem: I was trying to make a mysql query after a function, that was taking a lot of time to load, and my query was not being executed. In addition I was receiving the error: “MySQL server has gone away”. … Continue reading

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This is Direct Marketing

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