This is my personal website and you will find information about my web projects, you can see and download my CV and contact me.

My main occupation is the development of web applications and I have dealt with this both commercially with the foundation of my own company (qSoft -, not active anymore) and as a freelancer but also by practicing in my spare time motivated by personal interest. The last 2 years I have been employed by Starcounter AB, a company located in Stockholm.

The reasons I deal with this subject are:
1) My love for programming which gives the ability to be creative
2) The scale and the continuing evolution and growth of this sector which allows you to constantly discover new things and keeps the interest high.

My first contact was at the age of 15 by creating a personal web page using Netscape Composer. The next step was to read books on HTML, but the actual contact occured at the age of 19, where as a student my knowledge at the field grew, mainly because of learning programming languages (C / C++, Java and others), but also because of the free time which allowed me to create freely and experiment with different aspects. The knowledge of PHP, and other web tools / technologies derived from personal interest and search. My dream was always to create a web browser game.

Today, being 27 years old, I have attended a few courses at a Master Programme (Interactive System Engineering) in Sweden, Stockholm at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) having completed the bachelor degree in the Department of Computer Science at University of Ioannina. The dream of creating a game is now a reality by having created a game during my studies in Ioannina, which was completed in parts and also by being an administrator / programmer at another game.

It makes me happy and satisfied to develop an application from zero point, as the scope for expression and creativity is free, with the aim to deliver the application in high quality by faithfully following the international code standards, by making sure it is a pixel perfect interface, by evaluating the ease of use and that the experience of the visitor / user is improved by following usability standards, ensuring that the application is accessible by all browsers and ultimately by optimizing the application in terms of speed and size.

Finally, my goal is to build the relationships with the people that I cooperate in an environment of honesty and trustness which starts from the beginning of the cooperation and continues even after the completion of the application. It makes me very happy the fact to ultimately deliver an application which turns the idea into reality and has results.